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We started production of architectural concrete panels in 2009, when concrete was associated only with raw construction material.  Each subsequent year has been a time of our development, deepening our experience and expanding our offer. Over these years, architectural concrete has taken the market by the storm, providing inspiration for architects, professional designers and private investors looking for non-obvious materials. Although initially it was most often used in interior design – especially in modern or industrial style designs – over time it has also begun to appear outdoors, e.g. in modern garden designs, on terraces, fences and facades, and thus becoming a determinant of timeless elegance. Architectural type of concrete is a sign of our era. It has opened endless possibilities to play with shapes and forms to create non-obvious combinations and captivating compositions.


All architectural concrete products are made according to an appropriately selected formula and under strict control of our technologists.



Architectural concrete is known in the industry as GRC concrete (GFRC), fiber concrete,  fiber concrete panels, fiberglass reinforced concrete. Concrete panels have been a leading trend in the design of single-family houses, in public spaces, on facades and fences for years. Concrete panels are available in many formats, colours and textures. The panels are installed by mechanical anchoring to masonry surfaces.

The installation is simple and any construction or renovation company will be able to do it properly. The effect obtained is a classic in itself.



Large-size garden slabs with thicknesses of 6cm and 8cm are an excellent alternative to paving stones, which due to their popularity may seem too plain. The use of large-sized garden slabs is almost unlimited. They can be used to build a terrace, a house entrance and entryway, elevated flower beds, decorative retaining walls and driveways. The composition can be complemented by garden block steps or floating concrete steps.






Architectural concrete pots are our leading product and are available in a huge number of designs and colours, giving our customers opportunity to obtain interesting compositions and designs. Frost resistance, durability and resistance to harsh weather conditions are the features allowing for their use both in home gardens, as well as in housing estates, parks and city squares.








We are happy to devote ourselves to the challenges that architects pose to us, which is why our offer also includes tables, benches, garden waste baskets, concrete window sills, countertops and fence canopies.

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