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The architectural concrete pot will work great in a modern design, it will emphasise the charm of plants, grasses and shrubs. Due to their cubist shapes, we can easily achieve a modern, monochrome and unique effect.

The pots are frost-resistant and insulated. Thanks to the insulation layer made of 2 cm of styrodur, the plants left outside will not freeze in the winter. Double reinforcement increases the strength of the pots. The wall thickness, depending on the pattern, is approx. 5.5 - 6 cm.

The pots do not require any additional covers, the plants can be planted directly in the ground, using a drainage layer made of garden expanded clay aggregate at the bottom. Interior pots have waterproofing, so you can use them without having to use a stand.

CONTRACTORS concrete pots are produced with close attention to every detail. 







FROST RESISTANCE is obtained through an appropriately developed formula by a concrete technologist in laboratory conditions. The mixture, at the production stage, is controlled by a computer. There is no randomness, each batch of concrete has exactly the same composition and proportions.



Double REINFORCEMENT  of the concrete mix with anti-shrinkage scattered reinforcement and structural reinforcement.






The pots are INSULATED WITH  2 cm layer of Styrodur (extruded polystyrene) foam. Styrodur is embedded in concrete at the production stage, thanks to which it is faced evenly with concrete below the flange line. Insulated walls and the bottom of the pot create comfortable conditions for plants to winter.



IMPREGNATION reduces water absorption by concrete, strengthens the protection of concrete against discolouration and makes cleaning of the walls of pots easy.





The highest QUALITY of architectural concrete confirmed by many years of experience.





MANUAL workmanship guarantees care and attention to detail of the finish.





TYPES of architectural concrete pots

Pots are produced in three styles:


- concrete is coloured in the mass. At the production stage, the pots are impregnated with a colourless protective agent. The pots produced in this technology have visible smears, discolourations natural for concrete. In this group of pots there may be discrepancies in colour even within one production batch. These pots are especially suitable for people looking for pots with a natural looking concrete. 









- these pots are dyed in the mass and painted with a coloured impregnate which makes the colour of the pots bright and uniform as well as more durable. The pots are less prone to discolouration caused by rainfall and humidity than the natural ones. This group of pots is characterised by colour repeatability; therefore, they are designed for people who expect repeatability and colour uniformity. The colour of the pots can be adjusted to the colour from the RAL palette.










- a group of concrete pots with a very natural, raw appearance. The pots have numerous pits and pores of high intensity and size. Loft-style pots may have stains and discolourations, giving them a special character. In this group of pots there may be discrepancies in colour even within one production batch. Loft Design pots are designed to catch the eye with an interesting texture and finish. At the production stage, the pots are impregnated with a colourless protective agent.








Natural and Loft Design Pots

Dyed Pots

or CUSTOM COLOURS on request



The largest selection of concrete pots. Can’t find your pattern? - send an inquiry  biuro@contractors.pl - we will prepare it for you!






Each of the available designs can have incisions in the form of decorative rustication. When placing an order, just choose a pot pattern and add rustication.

The pot size of 40x40x40cm is ideal for creating aromatic herbal gardens, the pots 50x50x50cm, 60x60x60cm for displaying single formed shrubs, a kind of garden sculptures, tall pots, e.g. 100x50x50cm, 100x40x40cm, e.g. for flowers and hanging plants. We offer the largest selection of concrete pots on the market. 


Architectural concrete pots are made by hand, which increases their value and makes each piece unique. Unevenly and irregularly distributed pores and pits of varying intensity and amount on the surface reflect the nature of concrete, testify to the uniqueness of the product. Pots are resistant to various weather conditions. Outdoor pots must have a through drainage hole throughout their service life. In order to ensure the patency of the drainage hole, a geotextile membrane should be placed on the bottom of the pot, then a drainage layer preferably made of garden light expanded clay aggregate (the thickness of the layer should be adjusted to the size of the pot), then another geotextile membrane and then soil. Layers of geotextile will prevent clogging of the hole. Pots should be raised above the ground, the floor. It can be easily done by placing pieces of styrodur or concrete washers provided with the order by the manufacturer under the pots making sure that they do not protrude beyond the outline of the pot. The size of the pot should be adjusted to the size of the plant's root mass. Pots should not be used with plants characterised by high root growth. When choosing the size of the pot, please take into account the growth of plants over time.


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