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Floating steps in your garden

After a time of rich decorations and ornaments, came the fashion for a minimalist design in the gardens. This applies to both greenery and garden architecture. Exterior floating steps are becoming increasingly popular. What is this concept about? When is it worth using them? How to get an aesthetic floating entrance to the house?

Where does the popularity of external floating steps come from? It started with their great success as internal constructions. Floating steps are attached to a wall and do not have risers. From a distance, it looks like the steps are floating in the air. In this way, freshness, lightness and much more light are introduced into the interior. It is a definite variation from massive and ornamental wooden stairs and a concept that conquers the hearts of supporters of light design and minimalism. Recently, this fashion has appeared also in gardens, and floating house entrances and terraces have gained a large group of admirers.


External floating steps – for every need

Floating steps in the garden also add lightness to the whole space. They look great in gardens and introduce interesting dynamics. They can be made with the use of several smaller panels, although the spectacular effect will be gained with the use of large-size concrete panels. It is worth noting that using appropriate materials guarantees safety of using external floating steps! They are resistant to all weather conditions and their design will support all the loads associated with home use. Architectural concrete panels are a perfect solution, thanks to which we are able to achieve the right effect with a guarantee of excellent durability and reliability. It is important that this type of staircase has an appropriate base.


Where to use floating steps?

We can find various designs of floating steps on the market. The external space around the house can be varied with one set of such steps, e.g. in front of the main entrance, but floating steps will look interesting in various other places too, e.g. by the terrace, between individual levels of the garden, in the sunken garden, at the entrance to gazebos, greenhouses and even as means of reaching flower beds positioned on a slope, etc. Floating steps look great on natural hills and slopes, but they can also be used on a previously erected structure and placed without any problems on completely flat terrain -  with interesting shrubs and low vegetation planted on the sides.


For homes and commercial buildings

A floating entrance to a house is an excellent, modern and functional decoration of every modern property. This type of staircase blends beautifully with gardens in different styles – from richly planted with English-style vegetation to minimalist Scandinavian and Japanese designs. They also look very good in front of the entrances to corporate buildings and lavish hotels and restaurants. External floating steps are a solution that provides a "wow" effect with little work and cost.

Floating steps in your garden
Floating steps in your garden
Floating steps in your garden
Floating steps in your garden

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