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External and internal concrete window sills, a robust customised solution

It's easy to overlook how important a window sill is. Without it, we lose many technical and decorative functionalities. What's the best choice? Trends indicate that external and internal concrete window sills are now the real thing. Strength and industrial aesthetics definitely influence the popularity here, but what is also interesting are their anti-allergic properties.


The window sill is the real frame of the window. From the outside, it prevents leaks, insulates and supports the window structure, from the inside it additionally performs a decorative function and reflects heat from the radiators, helping it disperse properly around the room. Both external concrete window sills and internal concrete window sills are installed in many private houses, as well as in commercial buildings, such as restaurants, hotels and commercial premises. Where does their popularity come from? This is definitely related to the concrete itself and how the fashion for it is constantly growing. Initially, it was used outside, and only after some time, lovers of modern, loft and industrial style began to transfer this material to the interiors. Today, it works well even in more classic compositions. It was the same with window sills. It began with the use of external concrete window sills, which was associated with their durability, while today, lovers of aesthetic style are happy to see them under the windows in the interiors.   


Exterior concrete window sills

Sturdy and durable external concrete window sills are the solution for generations. The material is incredibly durable. They are not susceptible to mechanical damage or harsh weather conditions. The concrete window sills will not change its colour and even after years, there will be no scratches or no dents on them. We can put flower pots, feeders and other ornaments on them. Exterior concrete window sills, unlike plastic or wooden counterparts, will survive the sharp claws of the neighbour's cat, and will not deform even in the southern sun exposure. 


Internal concrete window sills

Interestingly, interior concrete window sills look nice in classic interiors, where their subdued appearance often breaks the stylistically overloaded rooms with many decorations and colours. Such a slightly contrasting effect turns out to be very desirable by many architects. What convinces us to install interior concrete window sills is also their health-promoting value. Concrete is a natural material and is therefore safer than some glued, painted and plastic counterparts. In addition, the concrete can be easily cleaned. This is of great importance for allergy sufferers and asthmatics, especially since pollen and contaminants often accumulate under the window. The durability of concrete is also a factor when choosing a material to create a window seat (e.g. a bay window). 


Matched to your tastes and needs

The internal and external concrete sills are made in various shades, sizes (thicknesses, widths and lengths) and various types of finishing on the edges. By using the manufacturer's services directly, we can be sure that the window sills will fit the given project. Nowadays, matching catalogue products can be a real challenge and, therefore; cooperation with the manufacturer definitely pays off.

External and internal concrete window sills, a robust customised solution

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