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What to combine architectural concrete with

Architectural concrete has been present in apartment finishing projects for a long time. The fashion for concrete was brought on by the fashion for industrial and minimalist interiors in the loft style. But is this solution still up to date and arousing emotions?

The basic question when designing interiors is: what to combine architectural concrete with? There are several solutions.


Wood and concrete – two opposites that complement each other

Concrete is generally calm and minimalist. Combining architectural concrete with wood is a brilliant idea - these two materials can be integrated in many ways. Wooden boards, depending on the kinds used, have different texture and colour. Wood makes interior spaces warmer. Maintaining the right proportion in the use of concrete and wood guarantees success and satisfaction. This solution is ideal both in large lofty rooms and in more traditional spaces.


Concrete and fabric – a cozy pair

The softness of plush, the pleasure of touching satin or the usefulness of viscose are undeniable qualities of fabrics used in an interior design. Why not combine them with architectural concrete? Such a combination is very interesting. The rawness of concrete can be softened with a sofa or armchairs upholstered with natural or artificial fabrics. Additions in form of pillows, curtains or tablecloths are a welcome element in rooms finished with concrete cladding. A soft and fluffy rug can complete the whole design.


Concrete and colour - harmony in the design

The combination of architectural concrete with colour can be talked about endlessly. On one hand, architectural concrete can be combined with whites, for example in bathrooms by using white fittings. In this way, we emphasise the impeccable cleanliness and freshness of the room. On the other hand, architectural concrete can be used as a base to emphasise the character of the room. By combining intense colours with the subdued colour of the concrete cladding, we are able to achieve a surprising effect. Rooms with strong colours, juicy greenery or majestic violets will not go unnoticed.


Ceramic tiles and architectural concrete – a good combination

Architectural concrete is becoming more and more popular in many houses, especially in rooms where we care about maintaining cleanliness. Its combination with ceramic tiling seems to be a little boring and an average solution. However, it is possible to experiment with this combination. Imagine combining large size architectural concrete panels with ceramic tiles of an interesting shape and small size, for example with ceramic mosaic. How many possibilities does this combination give us?!


Architectural concrete and brick – it can’t be any more minimalistic

Supporters of a loft interior will certainly be satisfied by the possibility of combining architectural concrete with brick. Especially, when the bricks have an aesthetic or historical value such as the ones that come from a demolition of a historic building, this material gains in the eyes of an investor. There is no need to encourage the solution of combining old brick with concrete cladding. Concrete panels can be uniform and smooth, while brick adds three-dimensionality and a unique texture. This combination is ideal for spacious and well-lit spaces like modern lofts.

There are many possibilities of combining architectural concrete with various materials. No wonder that solutions based on concrete panels have found their place in many projects – and the most important fact for an investor is that nothing is able to push architectural concrete off the podium of the most often chosen finishing materials by architects.

What to combine architectural concrete with
What to combine architectural concrete with
What to combine architectural concrete with
What to combine architectural concrete with
What to combine architectural concrete with
What to combine architectural concrete with
What to combine architectural concrete with

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